Southside Regional Jail

Southside Regional Jail
244 Uriah Branch Way
Emporia, VA 23847
(434) 634-2254

Southside Regional Jail is a high security facility which is operated by the jurisdictions of Greensville County and the City of Emporia, under the authority of the State of Virginia. The Southside Regional Jail holds a maximum capacity of 100 male and female inmates, state inmates of all custody levels who are probation violators, awaiting trial, sentencing, or transfer to the Virginia Department of Corrections system or the Federal Bureau of Prisons system.

The Southside Regional Jail is located in Emporia, VA, a town with population of 6000 in Greenville County, VA. The Southside Regional Jail is approximately 35 mile south of Petersburg, VA, and 70 miles west of Chesapeake, VA, off of U.S. Highway 95.

Jurisdictional Control
Emporia Police Dept., 310 Budd Street, Emporia, VA 23847, (434) 634-2121
Greensville County Sheriff, 315 S. Main Street, Emporia, VA 23847, (804) 348-4200

Judicial Authorities
Greensville County General District Court, 315 South Main Street, Emporia, VA 23847, (434) 634-5400

Southside Regional Jail Inmate Telephone Calls

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Southside Regional Jail Visiting

Southside Regional Jail inmate visitation schedules can be found by calling the Southside Regional Jail at (804) 524-6600. Superintendents can restrict the length of visits, or the number of people who can visit at once, to avoid visiting room overcrowding. It’s recommended to call the Southside Regional Jail to confirm the visiting schedule before departing for your visit.