Dakota Women’s Correctional Rehab Center (DWCRC)

Dakota Women’s Correctional Rehab Center (DWCRC)
440 McKenzie Street
New England, ND 58647
(701) 579-5100

DWCRC is one of two institutions that comprise the Southwest Multi-County Correction Center, both of which are operated by the Counties of Billings, Bowman, Dunn, Golden Valley, Hettinger, Slope, and Stark, under the authority of the State of North Dakota. DWCRC opened in 2003 and houses state inmates of all custody levels who are probation violators, awaiting trial, sentencing, or transfer to the North Dakota Department of Corrections system or the Federal Bureau of Prisons system.

DWCRC is located in New England, ND, a town with population of 650, and is located in Hettinger County. DWCRC is approximately 100 miles west of Bismarck, ND, and 25 miles south of Dickinson, ND, off of U.S. Highway 94.

Jurisdictional Control

Billings County Sheriff, 495 4th Street, Medora, ND 58645, (701) 623-4323
Bowman County Sheriff, 104 1st Street NW, Bowman, ND 58623, (701) 523-5421
Dunn County Sheriff, PO Box 166, Manning, ND 58642, (701) 573-4449
Golden Valley County Sheriff, PO Box 336, Beach, ND 58621, (701) 872-4733
Hettinger County Sheriff, 336 Pacific Avenue, Mott, ND 58646, (701) 824-2935
Slope County Sheriff, PO Box 485, Amidon, ND 58620, (701) 879-6271
Stark County Sheriff, 66 W. Museum Drive, Dickinson, ND 58601, (701) 456-7610

Judicial Authorities
Billings County District Court, PO Box 138, Medora, ND 58645, (701) 623-4492
Bowman County District Court, 104 1st Street NW, Bowman, ND 58623, (701) 523-3450
Dunn County District Court, 205 Owens Street, Manning, ND 58642, (701) 573-4477
Golden Valley County District Court, PO Box 78, Beach, ND 58621, (701) 872-3713
Hettinger County District Court, 336 Pacific Avenue, Mott, ND 58646, (701) 824-2645
Slope County District Court, PO Box JJ, Amidon, ND 58620, (701) 879-6275
Stark County District Court, 51 3rd Street East, Dickinson, ND 58601, (701) 227-3184

DWCRC Inmate Telephone Calls

Pacific Telephone provides low cost inmate telephone service to DWCRC, and other regional jails throughout North Dakota and the United States. At a cost of just $1.25 per month, plus an additional $0.06 per minute, Pacific Telephone brings the cost of regional jail telephone calling way down! Call Pacific Telephone at 888.966.8655 and start saving on your inmate calls today!

DWCRC Visiting

Visitation for inmates housed at DWCRC must be scheduled in advance, as per http://www.swmccc.com/index.asp?SEC=DB7F8A1A-E032-42AA-8EB5-497D3EEEE3AE&Type=B_BASIC. Superintendents can restrict the length of visits, or the number of people who can visit at once, to avoid visiting room overcrowding. It’s recommended to call DWCRC at (701) 579-5100 to confirm the visiting schedule before departing for your visit.